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Auto Insurance

Bodily Injury provides protection against medical expenses, loss of income, and funeral expenses for other people involved in an accident. 

Property Damage helps protect you from paying for repairs to the damaged car.

Umbrella Insurance

Coverage against more liabilities. Say you're in an accident and the injury damages sustained are far greater than your limits. An umbrella policy will be a supplement policy to protect you against additional expenses. This is a separate coverage and is not included.

Renters Insurance

Don't have a home yet but still have valuable belongings? Renters insurance was made just for you. Protection for your personal property from being damaged or stolen.  

Home Insurance

Homeowners protects you and your family's personal property and peace of mind. Your dwelling is covered incase of fires, theft & so much more. It can also protect you from incurred by other people, when they slip or fall on your property. 

Mobile Home Insurance

Provides the same homeowners insurance coverages mentioned above for your manufactured home. Not many insurance companies offer this coverage. Make sure you have purchased the right product when it comes to protecting your own. 

Business Insurance

Coverage for yourself and your business from any liabilities. Protects you and your customers in the event they slip and fall in your store front. Additional products will cover your mistakes while transacting. 

What Our Clients Say

Chan, Leilani

They have been helping my family for almost a decade. They provided wonderful service for my mother on two vehicles, and offered the CHEAPEST rates I could get as a starting driver. Now, my insurance is down to $60. My husband plans on coming onto my plan, and this is the place my 18 year old niece is going to get her first insurance.

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